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Timetable converterfrom your timetable to your calendar… easy!

Are you a student or teacher with an awkward two week timetable? Have you tried adding lessons to your calendarOutlook or Google calendar but found it didn't work properly?

Annoying, isn't it?

This simple application takes your timetable and matches it up to all the dates in the academic year, excluding any holidays you enter.

After entering your timetable you will be able to download a CSV file which you simply save onto your computer and then import into Outlook (or another calendar application). There are plenty of instructions online about how to do this, for example here for Google and here for Outlook. You can then even synchronize it with your mobile phone or PDA.

The application is free to use, but if you like it please, , link to this page and tell others about it.

Update (17-2-12): following initial feedback from the kind folks at Edugeek, I "fixed" some little issues and - it seems - broke the whole thing!

I've never had time to fix it (it's been 4 years!) but I've decided to leave it here for those brave souls who want to give it a go. I am though making available the Access database I use myself to convert my own timetable. This is less of a faff and definitely works! The link here takes you to the mdb file and a help sheet with instructions. You can email me if you get stuck (or if it helps you - it's nice to know if it works for someone). Good luck!...

Click on step one to begin.

1. Enter the start and end of the year

The academic year

Please choose the start date for the academic year. This MUST be a Monday, so pick the one before if you start on a different day. (In a future version, you won't be able to pick anything else!)

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